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Returns & Refunds

All Products are in Electronic (pdf) formats and therefore can not be returned after the order has been processed and delivered via email to the customer. However, in the case where there is an error on some page(s) on the delivered floor plans, the necessary corrections will be made by DRAEVE ENTERPRISES (DRAEVE) and resent to the customer through the email provided by him/her. Other than this, there are NO refunds or returns on items successfully delivered to the email address initially provided by the customer.

How Products are Delivered

A download link or attachment will be sent - to the email provided by customer during payment - after the payment is reviewed and cleared by our payment gateway and sales team. No refunds are possible after a payment has been completed. Make sure of your selection before making your payment.

How to Contact Us for Issues

Where there is an issue of wrong product delivery or errors in the delivered digital floor plans, please notify us immediately through the email All corrections will be made and delivered to the customer's email address.

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